Faculty and Staff Directory

Faculty and staff are a pivotal reason that UMKC has become Kansas City’s premier destination for computing and engineering education. SCE faculty and staff bring together years of research, training and experience to provide students with high-quality academic programs.

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All Faculty and Staff

Selena Albert Administrative Assistant
Cory Beard, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Kendall Bingham Instructor
Katherine Bloemker, Ph.D. Associate Teaching Professor
Gina Campbell Education Program Coordinator
Anthony Caruso, Ph.D. Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research and Professor
Deb Chatterjee, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Ghulam Chaudhry, Ph.D. CSEE Department Chair and Professor
ZhiQiang Chen, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Baek-Young Choi, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Masud Chowdhury, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Christina Davis Director of Continuing Education
Reza Derakhshani, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Larry Drbal, Ph.D. CME Executive Engineer and Adjunct Professor
Marjory Eisenman Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
Travis Fields, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Jason Foster Academic Advisor
Preetham Goli, Ph.D. Assistant Teaching Professor
Stephanie Griffin Administrative Manager / Fiscal Operations
Sharon Griffith Administrative Assistant
Ceki Halmen, Ph.D., P.E. Associate Professor
Yijie Han, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Brian Hare, M.S. Associate Teaching Professor
Lein Harn, Ph.D. Professor
Megan Hart, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Ahmed Hassan, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Micah Hildreth Assistant Director of Recruitment
Camille Johnson-Arnold Administrative Associate II
Michael Kelly Instructor
John Kevern, Ph.D., P.E., LEED AP Associate Professor
Faisal Khan, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Gregory King, Ph.D., P.E. Associate Professor
Kevin Kirkpatrick, M.S, Associate Teaching Professor
Jerome Knopp, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Mohammad Kuhail, Ph.D. Assistant Teaching Professor
Vijay Kumar, Ph.D. Curators' Professor
Yugyung Lee, Ph.D. Professor
Bret Lesan Senior Research Design Engineer
Zhu Li, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Nan Lorenz Research Associate
Mark McClernon, Ph.D., P.E. CME Department Chair and Associate Professor
Sharon McGee Administrative Assistant
Deep Medhi, Ph.D. Curators' Professor
Amirfarhang Mehdizadeh, Dr. Ing. Assistant Professor
Ken Mitchell, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Coretta Carter Muhammad Student Services Coordinator and Student Adviser
Liz Muleski Education Program Coordinator
Daniel (Pat) O'Bannon Senior Engineering Research Technician
Jerry Place, Ph.D. Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Associate Professor
Mostafizur Rahman , Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Praveen Rao, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Dayna Schroeder Recruitment Coordinator
Sarvenaz Sobhansarbandi, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Sejun Song, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Rachael Steele Senior Director of Development
Antonis Stylianou, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Lisen Tammeus Alumni and Constituent Relations
Kevin Z. Truman, Ph.D., F.ASCE UMKC Vice Provost, SCE Dean & Professor
Micaela Vaccaro Student Affairs Coordinator
Jane Vogl Assistant to the Dean
Sara Vogt Director of Marketing and Media Services
Elizabeth Wheeler Director of Major Gifts
Kaitlin Woody Director of Alumni Constituent Relations
May Zein El Din Instructor
Yongjie Zheng, Ph.D. Assistant Professor