Student Mentoring and Recruitment Team (SMART)

The Student Mentoring and Recruitment Team (SMART) serves to make visitors and underclassmen feel at home at SCE. Student ambassadors on SMART lead tours of the school, meet with future students and assist with campus events. SMART peer mentors build friendships with freshmen, helping them acclimate to college life.

Student Ambassadors

If you’re visiting SCE, you’ll likely have the opportunity to meet a student ambassador. The ambassadors lead tours of the building, classrooms and labs, and they can tell you firsthand about the student experience at SCE.

Have a question for an SCE Ambassador?  Email them.

Information on 2015 SCE Ambassadors to come.

Peer Mentors

Nervous about finding your way around as a new student? No worries! SCE connects every incoming student with a peer mentor who can give advice on everything from registering for classes to choosing lunch spots.

Information on 2015 SCE Peer Mentors to come.