Computer Science

A doctorate in computer science of fundamental and applied nature includes algorithms, bioinformatics, databases, security and software engineering. The School of Computing and Engineering faculty members are active in fundamental and applied research. Their research activities are supported by the National Science Foundation and industry.

Suggested compatible co-disciplines

Telecommunications and computer networking, electrical and computer engineering, mathematics, engineering, physics, entrepreneurship and innovation, oral biology, molecular biology and biochemistry, geosciences, economics, chemistry.

Doctoral faculty with current areas of research
  • Deendayal Dinakarpandian, M.D., Assistant Professor
    Machine learning; data mining; bioinformatics
  • Yijie Han, Ph.D., Associate Professor
    Parallel computation, algorithms, computational geometry
  • Lein Harn, Ph.D., Professor
    Cryptosystem design, computer security, network security
  • Vijay Kumar, Ph.D., Professor
    Information security; mobile information system databases; energy management
  • Yugyung Lee, Ph.D., Associate Professor
    Big data analytics and applications; cloud computing; software engineering; medical informatics
  • Appie van de Liefvoort, Ph.D., Professor
    Queueing theory, algorithms, network performance modeling
  • Praveen Rao, Ph.D., Associate Professor
    Big data and analytics; cloud computing; RDF indexing and query processing
  • Xiaojun Shen, Ph.D., Professor
    Computer networking; computer algorithms; computational geometry; discrete mathematics
  • Yongjie Zheng, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
    Software engineering, software architecture and design, software product lines
Admission Requirements