networking lab teacher and student

Telecommunications and Computer Networking

A doctorate in telecommunications and computer networking offers graduate students a fundamental understanding of the industry and a chance to explore developments in network architecture, new routing algorithms and protocols, new performance evaluation models for networks, new protocol development and network security.

Suggested compatible co-disciplines

Computer science and informatics, mathematics, engineering, physics.

Doctoral faculty with current areas of research
  • Cory Beard, Ph.D., Associate Professor
    Network resource management, sensor networks for home energy savings; pre-emptive and queuing policies for emergency traffic in wireless cellular networks
  • Baek-Young Choi, Ph.D., Associate Professor
    Cloud Computing, Software-Defined Networks, Internet of Things, Smart Device Technologies, Network Algorithms and Protocols, Data Storage and Management Systems, Network Traffic/Performance/Security: Measurement, Analysis and Modeling
  • Deep Medhi, Ph.D., Professor
    Resilient multilayer networks; cloud/data center networking; Internet routing protocols
  • Ken Mitchell, Ph.D., Associate Professor
    Network performance modeling and analysis; capacity planning for service-oriented architectures; scheduling in wireless networks
  • Sejun Song, Ph.D., Associate Professor
    Software defined networks, cloud computing and data center networks; software systems quality assurance
Admission Requirements