facutly and student working on a project in the fluids lab


Staying at the forefront of technology is vital to any career. An affordable graduate degree from SCE positions working professionals for career advancement and leadership roles. Graduate students collaborate with industry leaders and renowned faculty while working with advanced technology and methods in rigorous courses.

SCE’s graduate programs are designed with working professionals in mind. Graduate advisers know that many adult learners have full-time jobs and families to think about. SCE advisers are responsive to these needs and help graduate students navigate the program efficiently. Students can choose between a thesis or non-thesis option. Class sizes are small, so professors can provide personal attention.

The UMKC campus, in the heart of Kansas City, is located within 20 miles of hundreds of engineering and computing companies. SCE students benefit from this proximity through internships, networking opportunities and job prospects.

The rigorous coursework at SCE allows working professionals to achieve their goals and reach the next level of their careers. Professors help students turn technical course theory into practical solutions for their companies. Graduate students benefit from the hands-on research conducted at UMKC. Much of this research is so integral to technology breakthroughs that it is funded by some of the top engineering and computing companies in the world.

Ultimately, a UMKC graduate degree doesn’t only elevate your knowledge – it also contributes to your bottom line. Here’s how payscale.com calculates the effects for midcareer salaries:

  • Electrical engineering master of science degree took an undergrad from $97,318 to $112,172.
  • Civil engineering master of science took an undergrad from $82,284 to $89,816.
  • Mechanical engineering master of science took an undergrad from $90,095 to $101,560.
  • Computer science master of science took an undergrad from $94,854 to $108,586.

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