School of Computing and Engineering

School of Computing and Engineering

Students in the School of Computing and Engineering (SCE) who are seeking financial aid and scholarships should utilize each of the following resources. Applications must be completed separately.

UMKC Financial Aid and Scholarships
Homepage to a variety of resources for future, undergraduate and graduate students, including information on grants, work-study, student loans and scholarships.

SCE Scholarships
List and application information regarding SCE administered scholarships. These scholarships are distinct from those available through UMKC's Financial Aid and Scholarship Office, require a separate application and are awarded by the SCE Scholarship Committee.

External scholarships
In addition to the information students obtain about scholarships at the UMKC Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships and SCE scholarships, there are many independent scholarships that are administered by external organizations. This page lists those we learn about throughout the course of the year.

Make a Gift
Learn about ways to support students and faculty at the UMKC School of Computing and Engineering.