School of Computing and Engineering

School of Computing and Engineering

The School of Computing and Engineering collaborates with other institutions in our dual-degree program which leads to undergraduate degrees in both liberal arts and a professional engineering, computer science or information technology degree. Students enter UMKC SCE following three (or four) years at their first institution. Students who follow the guidelines and meet the admission requirements will earn a degree from their first institution and a degree from UMKC following two years of study at SCE. Students who complete the dual degree program experience the benefits of a liberal arts education, allowing them to become better communicators, develop strong study skills and explore additional academic interests, while also finishing a professional degree program. Students interested in the program should contact Valeri Reynolds for more information.


Students must complete the following requirements prior to enrolling at UMKC. Additional guidance regarding specific curriculum is available for dual degree students.

  • Completion of a minimum of 60 credit hours of coursework
  • Cumulative GPA greater than 3.00
  • Calculus through differential equations
  • One year of calculus-based physics
  • One semester of general chemistry
  • One course in computer science
  • One course in US government
  • Humanities and Social Sciences