ACI Student Chapter Excels at Pervious Concrete Competition

UMKC’s American Concrete Institute (ACI) Student Chapter recently returned from the Pervious Concrete Competition that took place at the Concrete Convention and Exposition in Las Vegas, Nevada as champions! The team placed 10th overall out of 52 teams. Teams were challenged to produce pervious concrete that balanced permeability and splitting tensile strength and to develop a mixture design that demonstrated cementitious efficiency. Team members Jewel Janke and Randall George shared more about their experience at the competition.

Congratulations on your victory at the ACI Pervious Concrete Competition in Las Vegas! Tell us more about your experience there.

Jewel Janke: We have worked with pervious concrete before in Dr. Kevern’s class, so it was fun to see how we could improve upon our previous work. This opportunity was a great way to explore pervious concrete more and see what we could do with it ourselves. We were excited to place 3rd in strength and 10th overall. In addition to attending the conference, we had the amazing opportunity to explore Las Vegas. We were able to see some cool engineering feats like the Hoover Dam and the Bellagio Fountains which we read about in a book for school.

What have you learned from this experience?

Jewel Janke: My knowledge and understanding of pervious concrete was enhanced. I also learned that it’s important to read the rules beforehand and work as a team. There are also many aspects of participating in something like this that you wouldn’t think of. We had to fundraise, organize meetings, do research, buy plane tickets, organize travel, and many other things!

Randall George: I knew how important networking was in the field of engineering, but this was my first time seeing it in action on a large scale. This convention helped me learn how important it is to make relationships with the individuals in your industry.

What does receiving this award mean to you and your team?

Jewel Janke: It was cool to know that our hard work paid off even if we didn’t place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. I was proud of our mix for its strength and the good rating we got on our mix design report.

Randall George: I’m proud that we finished 10th out of 52 teams in an international competition, but at the same time I believe we had the ability and knowledge to finish in the top 3. We plan on placing higher in the spring competition.

What do you have planned in the future for ACI?

Jewel Janke: We are raising money to go to the ACI convention and student competition in the spring semester. If we raise enough money, we can travel to Quebec and compete in the Eco-Concrete Competition.

Randall George: Currently, we are focused on raising funds and researching for the spring competition taking place in Quebec City. We look to place higher in this competition than the one that took place in Las Vegas.

Why do you think it’s important for students to get involved with teams and organizations like ACI?

Jewel Janke: The main reason I am involved at UMKC is because it’s fun. You get to know your peers and become friends with your classmates and you get to go on cool trips and learn things that you can’t learn in a classroom setting. Being involved also gives you a better understanding of the full scope of a project because you work on something from start to finish and you are solely responsible for its success.

Randall George: Teams and organizations in the engineering field really help you build relationships with people that could help you in your future career.

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