UMKC RooFly is the University of Missouri’s – Kansas City’s Unmanned Aircraft Training and Flight Services Program. With the newly created FAA Part 107 commercial unmanned aircraft regulations, there is now the capability to conduct unmanned aircraft operations with the remote pilot certification. The RooFly program has two distinct services, to meet the growing demand of research and educational UAS activity in a safe and economical manner.

Part 1: Full Flight Service Provider

For the researchers, educators, and staff who do not wish to learn how to fly a UAS, the RooFly program will provide flight services. The current fleet of aircraft housed within the Drone Research and Teaching (DRAT) laboratory will comprise the primary capabilities upon RooFly initiation. The client will provide payload information (or imagery specifications) and mission profile to ensure the RooFly program has the appropriate aircraft. In general, the RooFly program is not responsible for setting up sensor packages for the client. The faculty and student support will integrate any sensing packages and ensure consistent flight data recording prior to conducting operations.

For estimates and details, please contact Dr. Travis Fields.

Part 2: Flight Operator Training/Verification

The second service provided by the RooFly program is a hands-on aviation knowledge and flight experience program. The focus of the training aspect of the program is to give students the aviation knowledge to pass the FAA Part 107 knowledge exam. Additionally, the second half of the course will focus on gaining hands-on maintenance and flight experience on actual multirotor and fixed-wing aircraft. This program is still underdevelopment – check back for updates!

Campus Services

Additionally, RooFly is the permitting organization for individuals who wish to operate UAS on campus.  The permitting process requires practical flight operations to ensure the operator conducts adequate preflight inspections, flight operations, and flight logging.

Click here to request permission to operate a UAS on campus.