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Photo of Selena Albert
Selena Albert Administrative Assistant
Work Phone: 816-235-5268
Photo of Sara Atchison
Sara Atchison Director of Marketing and Media Services
Work Phone: 816-235-5223
Photo of Katherine Bloemker, Ph.D.
Katherine Bloemker, Ph.D. Associate Teaching Professor and Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering
Work Phone: 816-235-5639
Photo of Gina Campbell
Gina Campbell Education Program Coordinator
Work Phone: 816-235-2202
Photo of Coretta Carter Muhammad
Coretta Carter Muhammad Student Services Coordinator and Student Adviser
Work Phone: 816-235-2699
Photo of Anthony Caruso, Ph.D.
Anthony Caruso, Ph.D. Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research and Professor Department of Physics and Astronomy
Work Phone: 816-235-2505
Photo of Ghulam Chaudhry, Ph.D.
Work Phone: 816-235-1464
Photo of Christina Davis
Christina Davis Director of Continuing Education
Work Phone: 816-235-1262
Photo of Marjory Eisenman
Marjory Eisenman Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
Work Phone: 816-235-2360
Photo of Jason Foster
Jason Foster Academic Advisor
Work Phone: 816-235-1461
Photo of Erin Gauer
Erin Gauer Academic Advisor
Work Phone: 816-235-2759