Input Data

The input data consists of the following items:

  • Drawings of the slab File(png).
  • Geometry of the testing platform for boundary condition File(pdf).
  • Tesing frame and Slab erection sequence File(pdf). 
  • Pressure histories: Two files of Pressure Histories (PH) are provided for each set. The PH files represent the average pressure history taken from six pressure gages placed around the slab. The pressure history files shown fas PH-Set 1b and PH-Set 2b are for a reduced pressure-impulse combination. (Set (1 and 2) file can be download from the table below).
  • Steel Material Properties. File(pdf)
  • Normal Strength Concrete Properties.File(pdf) 
  • High Strength Concrete Properties. File(pdf) 

Table below gives details of the test matrix for this contest:

Pressure Impulse Figure Concrete and Steel Strength Average Pressure History Loading
SET 1 (pdf)


5 ksi and 60 ksi PH-Set 1a Download File 


PH-Set 1b Download File 
SET 2 (pdf)


15 ksi and 83 ksi PH-Set 2a Download File 


PH-Set 2b Download File