Mentoring Philosophy

Research Interests

  Reliability, quality of service, and performability for queuing networks, especially service oriented architectures.
  Scheduling and service prioritization for public safety communications in 4G wireless cellular systems.
  User cell selection in heterogeneous 5G networks, including queueing performance and handover control traffic modeling
  Cooperative relaying to extend coverage into difficult locations for cellular systems.
  LTE emergency applications, including direct link and mission critical push-to-talk capabilities.
  Sensor networks for home energy savings.
  Preemptive and queuing policies for providing preference to emergency traffic in wireless cellular networks.
  Sensor networks for emergency search-and-rescue operations, specifically problems of localization, routing with uncertain information, and network-friendly query processing.
  MAC-layer quality of service and emergency traffic prioritization in ad hoc networks using queueing theory models and game theory.

Research Funding

  Principal Investigator, “Analysis of the FAA NextGen SWIM Architecture,” Federal Aviation Administration.

  Principal Investigator, “Advanced Network Simulation Tools,” Sprint Corporation.

  Principal Investigator, “CAREER: Priority Users and Applications on the Internet,” National Science Foundation CAREER Award.

  Co-Investigator, “Constraint-Based Routing for Traffic Engineering in MPLS/GMPLS: Year II.”

  Principal Investigator, “Prioritized Preemption In Stressed Networks”, University of Missouri Research Board.

  Principal Investigator, “Architectures for Infinite Capacity Networks.”

  Co-Investigator, “Constraint-Based Routing for Traffic Engineering in MPLS/MPLambdaS.”