In the School of Computing & Engineering, undergraduate students have the opportunity to earn a Master’s degree in just one additional year. Master’s programs are available in Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.


  • Students can take graduate courses in their last semester as an undergraduate;
    • Graduate courses would be billed at the undergraduate rate during this bridge semester.
  • Pay undergraduate tuition rates for graduate courses.
    • Students will still be charged the graduate rates for tuition once they have switched to graduate status, but will receive a BS/MS fee differential scholarship which will offset the difference between the graduate and undergraduate tuition rates.
  • No application fee.
  • No GRE required. Students must have a cumulative 3.0 GPA at UMKC.
  • In most programs, students complete 24 credit hours of graduate coursework.


  • Students who have a cumulative GPA of at least a 3.0 with at least 30 credits completed at UMKC will be automatically admitted to the MS portion of the program. Applicants below the 3.0 GPA will be reviewed by the faculty committee for their desired degree.
  • No GRE test is required.


  1. Most students will sign up for the BS-MS program in the second semester of their junior year. Students should meet with their academic advisor and submit a Declaration of Major Form and the BS-MS Interest Form.
  2. Once the DOM Form is processed by Registration & Records Office, students will have a BS-MS subplan on their Pathway account.
  3. In the semester prior to the desired MS start semester, SCE will reach out to the students via email to determine if they plan to participate in the MS program. Students may decide to go ahead with the MS program or they may opt-out. Students who opt-out must meet with their academic advisor prior to graduation to complete forms removing them from the BS-MS program. Bachelor degrees cannot be conferred with a BS-MS subplan on the student’s record.
  4. Students who are continuing with the program will receive a link via email to officially apply to the Master’s portion of the program. Once admitted, they will meet with an MS advisor to determine their classes and enroll.