Cadence University Program

Welcome to the University of Missouri-Kansas City Cadence Information Web Page.

We use CAD tools, which are widely adopted by industries, all the way from our entry level sophomore classes to our Ph.D. research projects. We especially make heavy use of Composer, Verilog, Analog Design Environment, Spectre Circuit Simulator, Virtuoso, Silicon Ensemble, CustomIC and Verification tools. To familiarize students with the realities of design complexities and IC layout environments they will get exposure to VLSI CAD tools in the following levels – system level behavior analysis, logic verification, schematic, layout, parasitic extraction, and circuit simulation through the laboratory experiments and projects assigned in various courses.

The Cadence software is used in the following Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Courses:

  • ECE-5635:VLSI Design;
  • ECE-5590AN: Analog Integrated Circuit Design;
  • ECE-5590MS: Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit Design;
  • ECE-5535: HDL-based Digital System Design.
  • ECE-401VL/5590VL: Introduction to VLSI Design
  • ECE-5590AV: Advanced VLSI Design
  • ECE-5590NT: Emerging Nanotechnologies

The Cadence software is also used in various ECE Research Projects. Some of the example research projects as listed below.

  • CMOS imagers
  • Implantable sensors
  • High performance issues of micro-/nano-electronic circuits
  • Analog-to-digital converters
  • Advanced digital, analog and mixed signal IC design issues.
  • Ultra-low-power circuits and systems design
  • Emerging technologies for future computing, solar energy and biomedical applications.

The Licensing Professor is Masud H Chowdhury.

For an overview of the Cadence University Program and links to other Universities’ Cadence web pages (where you can find more tutorials, design flows and other useful information) see the Cadence University Program homepage.

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