This live six week course is taught by an expert faculty of licensed professors and working engineers.  This course is specially designed to help you prepare by segmenting the exam into digestible components and delivering the key points likely to be covered in the exam.




During the first class session, recently licensed PEs lead a discussion group on exam day basics and what to expect – helping you to focus on the key tips and methods for completing the exam successfully.  The rest of the class sessions cover the technical areas, either a breadth or depth area, according to the schedule , from one of the following six areas:

  • Structural
  • Materials
  • Geotechnical
  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Water Resources and Environmental

At the conclusion of the class, you have the opportunity to take a sample morning exam, which will help to prepare you for the exam format, question types and testing environment.  While this is a review course, it is no guarantee of successfully completing the PE exam.


Christina S. Davis, M.S.

Director of Continuing Education

School of Computing and Engineering

547B Flarsheim Hall, 5110 Rockhill, Kansas City, MO 64110

816-235-1262 |


UMKC’s School of Computing and Engineering is proud to support licensure candidates’ preparation since 2009.  See what past years’ class participants say about UMKC’s Civil PE Review Course:

“It’s official – I’m a professional engineer!”

“Great job. Very useful to have instructors who recently took the exam.

“I passed the PE exam!  I’m grateful for the help the review course provided.”

“Passed it!  Thank you for hosting the UMKC Civil PE Review Course.”

“The professionals who taught the Civil PE Review did a wonderful job.  This class helped me successfully prepare for and pass the exam.”

“The discussion panel was informative and helpful.  It was good to hear from engineers who recently took the exam.”

“The practice exam was extremely beneficial in assessing my level of preparation.”


Engineers who are planning to take the Civil Engineering PE Exam in October 2020 or April 2021 as this course is offered in Fall only.  Professional engineers may find this course useful for updating skills in areas outside their normal practice with the benefit of earning PDHs.  By taking this course, a PE can earn three PDHs for each technical session attended—enough for more than two years’ requirements!