Engineers Without Borders (EWB)


Engineers Without Borders – USA supports community-driven development programs worldwide through the design and implementation of sustainable engineering projects, while fostering responsible leadership. Our vision is a world in which all communities have the capacity to meet their basic human needs.

Current Plans

Currently, we are working to provide clean water for 500 residents of the rural agricultural community of El Vallecito in Panama. Due to the lack of a functioning municipal water supply, residents have been forced to drink from their only two water sources – either from a river contaminated by decades of dangerous agricultural waste run-off, and for the lucky few who can afford it, from an untreated and contaminated pre-existing water distribution system. This has led to an especially high incidence of severe waterborne illnesses particularly among the young children and elderly. Our chapter is working hard with the community to redesign and build a new clean water supply for El Vallecito, so that safe, reliable drinking water is the norm rather than a distant luxury.

Interesting Facts

Dubbed the “Blueprint Brigade”, EWB-USA grew from little more than a handful of members in 2002 to over 12,000 today. EWB-USA has over 350 projects in over 45 developing countries around the world including water, renewable energy, sanitation and more. These projects are completed in partnership with local communities and non-governmental organizations.

How to Join

Anyone can join! EWB is not limited to engineering students. We want to incorporate a broad range of disciplines to better strengthen our causes. All majors are welcome and it is free to join. For more information about our general and design meetings, please visit the EWB RooGroups page.