Admissions Requirements

Undergraduate Admission Requirements

In addition to the university admission requirements, students applying to an SCE program must meet the following requirements:

For all SCE undergraduate programs:

Composite ACT Score Math ACT Score High School Class Standing
(Required if ACT scores not met)
24 25 Top 25%
  • International students should submit TOEFL exam scores in place of ACT scores. Scores and applications will be considered by the academic departments.
  • UMKC will consider students with lower scores who have a strong high school GPA and a strong math and science background.
  • Students contemplating a major in engineering, computer science or information technology are urged to take as many mathematics and science courses in high school as possible.
  • Applicants who do not meet these standards but do meet UMKC general admission requirements may be admitted on probation or into the University College.