Student Organizations

Dr. Hart is the Director of RooBuilders, a middle and high school outreach program performed in partnership with MSPE and the UMKC student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers. Each organization offers many opportunities for networking, scholarships, trips, tours, and fun activities. New, transfer and old students are encouraged to participate in at least one organization.

Current Research Students

Graduate and undergraduate students interested in joining the research group are encouraged to send me a resume by email.

PhD Students, Post-Doctoral Associates, and Visiting Scholars:
MS Students: 

Ryan Holmes, MS CE 2016
Enhanced Pervious Concrete for Soluble Heavy Metals Removal in Groundwater

Undergraduate Students: Andrew Ramsey

Paige Norris

Kelsey McCormick

Jacob Asgian

Student Research Opportunities Spring 2015 A limited number of undergraduate research opportunities are available each semester. If you are interested please contact Dr. Hart as soon as possible. The following is a partial list of research opportunities. Past undergraduate researchers have received scholarships, published results in journals and conferences, and presented their results.

3 ch Independent Study: Using Drinking Water Treatment Waste as a Enhancement for Pervious Concrete

3 ch Independent Study: Enhanced Soil Mixing using Waste Byproducts for Remedial Solidification

3 ch Independent Study: Soil Stabilization and Durability of Collapsible Loess