Students at the SCE Fall Picnic


Ready to start your college experience? We have innovative and affordable academic programs that will spark your creativity and excitement for learning.

Engineering and computer science are among the highest-paying and most in-demand careers. One of the top engineering and computing communities in the country, Kansas City is home to hundreds of firms of all sizes – including four of the nation’s top 50 engineering companies. SCE graduates are employed at many of these firms, while other graduates work around the world on efforts such as sustainable energy and cartoon production.

Personal attention to students is a priority at SCE. Faculty and staff reach out to students throughout their academic careers. All SCE students receive regular academic advising to make sure they remain on track for graduation.


We want to meet you and answer your questions! We have several ways to tell you all about UMKC and our programs.

  • Participate in an in-person Roo Visit and SCE Academic Info Session. During these visits you will learn about UMKC and the application process, explore campus on a guided tour, and take an in-depth tour of the new Plaster Center and all the SCE spaces. Students and their families will learn about the SCE degree programs, scholarships, research opportunities, internship experiences and more! These visits are for current high school students and their families.
  • If you have already visited campus or just are interested in seeing the new Plaster Center, join us for an SCE Only Tour. We will explore the ARVR Showroom, the 3D Printing Lab, Flight Simulator, and much more. These tours are for current high school students and college students interested in transferring to SCE (and families of these students!).
  • Attend a SCE Virtual Academic Info Session with other interested students to hear about UMKC and SCE on Zoom. (After you click the link, be sure to select a visit called “Virtual Academic Unit Session” for our online visits.) We’ll talk about what our students are learning and how they are using it in real world solutions. These visits are for current high school students and their families.


Students who are interested in pursuing a major in the School of Computing & Engineering are encouraged to take a challenging college preparatory curriculum in high school, including as many math and science courses as possible. If available, students should consider taking engineering and/or computer science coursework to prepare themselves for their college majors.


Incoming freshmen can apply for UMKC and SCE scholarships through UMKC’s online scholarship application between October 15 and March 1. You MUST be admitted to UMKC in order to apply for scholarships.

SCE scholarships are awarded to students at all academic levels. As you progress as a student, several more upper level scholarships will become available. Scholarships are awarded annually.

Scholarship Application Process

All incoming Freshmen students must complete and submit the online application to be considered for SCE scholarships.

  1. Complete UMKC online scholarship application (opens October 15 and closes March 1). Be sure to complete the entire application.
  2. To be considered for the Evergy Scholarship and the Dean’s High Achievement award, the application must be received by January 31.
  3. Some scholarships require an interview. Students will be notified if they are selected for an interview.


  • Explore our degree programs.

    We offer several undergraduate degrees. Not sure which one is the right fit for you? Explore them online to learn more.

  • Schedule a campus visit.

    This is one of the most important steps to finding your college match. UMKC offers a lush green campus in the heart of Kansas City’s urban core. Register for a tour today!

  • Send us your test results.

    The university’s ACT code is 2380 and the SAT code is 6872.

  • Send your high school transcript.

    Request that your high school mail your official transcript to:

    University of Missouri-Kansas City
    Office of Admissions
    5100 Rockhill Road
    Kansas City, MO 64110

  • Apply for scholarships!

    UMKC and SCE both offer scholarships for incoming freshmen. The scholarship application is open from October 15 thru March 1, but some scholarships have earlier deadlines.

  • Submit your FAFSA.

    Completing your Free Application for Federal Student Aid determines your eligibility for federal aid, scholarships, grants, and student loans. Complete your FAFSA online by February 1 to meet the priority deadline. The FAFSA code for UMKC is 002518.


    Congratulations! By this step you have been accepted into UMKC, but what’s next? Register for an orientation to keep moving forward. We can’t wait to welcome you on campus!