Blast and Seismic Simulation

The behavior of structures under dynamic and extreme loading seismic and blast is an active area of interest to our communities. Experimental behavior of concrete subjected to blast loading coupled with numerical simulation methodologies which would be able to duplicate their behavior is actively being pursued. Advanced numerical methodologies using finite element analysis and constitutive modeling are being utilized in order to achieve this.

Recent and Current Research

Blast Research

Principal Investigator(s): Ganesh Thiagarajan, Ph.D., P.E
Funded by: National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER Award, $406,000, 2008-13 Project FRANCES (Fracture Analysis of Concrete via Experimentation and Simulation)
Goal: Investigates the response of reinforced concrete structures subjective to blast loading. The project includes experiments on concrete panels subjected to blast and impact loadings, numerical simulation and validations, and the development of concrete material models.

Seismic Simulation

Principal Investigator(s): Ganesh Thiagarajan, Ph.D., P.E.
Funded by: University of Missouri-Kansas City
Goal: The project involves the numerical simulation of multi-storied steel buildings subjected to seismic loading and compares the simulation data with experimental data for validation. In Fall 2008, Ganesh Thiagarajan and graduate assistant Rini Mitra won first place in an E-Defense blind analysis international earthquake simulation contest. The earthquake simulation challenge aimed to improve the seismic performance of steel frames through numerical simulation.