Kansas City Stormwater

The traditional solution for stormwater is to move it downstream as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, that approach has often flooded downstream properties and caused erosion. Newer approaches which encourage the rainfall to soak in where it falls are referred to as green solutions. Green solutions include raingardens and green roofs.

Recent and Current Research

National Demonstration of Advanced Drainage Concepts Using Green Solutions for CSO Control

Principal Investigator(s): Deborah O’Bannon, Ph.D., P.E., F.ASCE
Funded by: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency/TetraTech, $556,552, 6/2008-9/30/2011
Goal: Kansas City’s need for green solutions to its stormwater problems are amplified because the stormwater flows into the combined sewer system (between the Missouri River and 85th Street). O’Bannon’s research will seek to evaluate the efficacy of integrated, “green” infrastructure-based solutions to wet-weather flow pollution problems in Kansas City, Missouri. “Green” models to be analyzed include rain gardens, biofiltration devices, rain barrels and larger cisterns, and inlet inserts. Interesting research challenges include the high-intensity rainfall that results from thunderstorms, compacted clay soils, and limited areas for deployment of green solutions. The demonstration area for this project is roughly bounded by Troost Avenue, 75th Street, 79th Street and the Paseo Boulevard. This area drains to the Blue River (which is a tributary of the Missouri River).