Travis Fields


Dr. Travis Fields is currently an Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering.  He joined the UMKC faculty in 2013, teaches a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses, and conducts research focused on improving unmanned aircraft and parachute systems.

Dr. Fields received his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. from the University of Nevada, Reno.  His M.S. research focused on the development of a tele-operated four-wheel drive/four-wheel steer ground vehicle.  The control logic was developed through handling qualities optimization of the instantaneous center of rotation.  Dr. Fields’ dissertation work focused on the development and testing of a novel parachute trajectory generation methodology applied to typically uncontrollable circular parachutes in the presence of known atmospheric wind.

As director of the Parachute and Aerial Vehicle Systems (PAVS) laboratory, Instruments and Measurements Lab (IML), and the Drone Research and Teaching (DRAT) laboratory, Dr. Fields research group conducts cutting edge research on parachute, parafoil, and unmanned aircraft systems. Research spans design, construction, simulation, and experimental validation of aerospace and mechatronic systems.

Research has been (or is currently) funded by the Office of Naval Research, Natick Soldier Research Development Engineering Center, Naval Postgraduate School, NASA, University of Missouri System, and the University of Missouri-Kansas City.