Ph.D. Students:

  • Mohammed AlAbsi, A Paradigm Shift in Flight Testing and Flight Control via Model Identification Adaptive Control, Spring 2018 (expected)
  • Ignacio Hernandez, Development and Testing of an Autonomous Detection, Localization, and Pursuit System for Single Evader-Single Pursuer Aircraft, Spring 2020 (expected)

M.S. Students:

  • Mohammed Junayed Hasan Zahed, Real-Time Model Structure Determination for Improved Flight Performance of Modified Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Winter 2018 (expected)
  • Christopher Tiemann, Precision Aerial Delivery via Novel Unmanned Aircraft Decelerator Systems, Spring 2019 (expected)
  • Jeffrey Renzelman, Diagnostic Testing and Adaptive Experimental Design for RF-interrogated Unmanned Aircraft, Spring 2019 (expected)
  • Shawn Herrington, Control and Planning for a Steerable Cruciform Parachute Delivery System, Spring 2018 (expected)
  • Tyler Kraft, Extended Range Aerial Delivery Using an Unpowered Autonomous Tailless UAV, Winter 2017
  • Jesse Gooding, Structural Health Monitoring with Rapid Prototyping Machines, Spring 2017 (Honeywell, Inc.)
  • Ignacio Hernandez, Development of a Multirotor Structural Inspection System, Spring 2016 (Ph.D. student UMKC)
  • John Bazin, Development of a Wireless Non-Invasive Load Distribution Measuring System for Improved Reefing Techniques, Spring 2016 (Airborne Systems)

Undergraduate Students:

  • Logan Ellis, Currently developing and validating a HIL multirotor test stand
  • Daniel McCullough, Currently creating a parafoil flight test vehicle for low-altitude model validation
  • Aldair Gongora, Currently conducting drop testing of a novel reversible reefing system for circular parachutes

Research Opportunities:

Graduate Opportunities

Highly motivated prospective graduate students interested in aerospace, mechatronics, robotics, dynamics, and control are encouraged to apply to conduct research in the Parachute and Aerial Vehicles (PAVS) lab, Instruments and Measurements lab, or the Drone Research and Teaching (DRAT) lab.  Students are encouraged to apply to the UMKC graduate program prior to contacting Dr. Fields.

Undergraduate Opportunities

Each semester there are a limited number of undergraduate research opportunities for exceptional students.  Students will apply for undergraduate research grants, and are encouraged to attend AIAA regional student conferences to present their work.